7 Stylish Ways to Wear Jeans

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Jeans are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Everyone has at least a pair or two hanging out in their dresser drawer, and for good reason. Denim jeans are durable, comfortable, and versatile wardrobe pieces. Although denim jeans can be traced back to the 1800s, they became popularized in American fashion with the youth rebellion of the 1950s.

Today, jeans can be seen everywhere. They’re practically synonymous with everyday fashion, streetwear, and American style. They’re a casual pant choice that can be dressed up, or dressed down in a variety of ways. One could argue that a pair of jeans is the most versatile clothing piece that one can have in their wardrobe. But how do you break out of a monotonous styling pattern? When a piece is this classic, sometimes we feel stuck in our styling choices. Here are seven stylish ways to wear jeans that you may not have thought of before. 

  • Embrace The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ 

Often seen as a fashion faux pas, this denim-on-denim look has gained popularity—especially with the rise of workwear trends and 2000s nostalgia. Many people remember the iconic red carpet look from Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake who fully embraced the look. And today, you are likely to see fashionistas tucking a denim shirt into a pair of blue jeans. 

Here are our favorite ways to wear this look. 

  • Fit & Flare

When working with any sort of monochromatic look, a silhouette is going to be your best friend. Try wearing an oversized denim top with some tighter jeans, or go for an oversized look overall with a belt as a waist cincher. You can tie your denim shirt at the waist for a playful shape that balances out the jeans. 

  • Different Dyes

Pair a light denim shirt with some very dark denim jeans, or vice-versa. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy when it comes to denim colors. 

  • Quirky Embroidery 

The off-beat look of the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ lends itself to other quirky looks, like embroidery. Embracing embroidery with a jean-on-jean ensemble can help to add dimension and personality to your look. 

  • How High?

Although a lower waist jean cut is currently in style, we think an ultra-high waist will never be out of style. With ultra-high-rise jeans, you can rock retro looks that are timeless in their own regard. 

Try tucking a billowing top into some ultra-high-waisted jeans to get an interesting silhouette of dimension. Or, pair some ultra-high-waisted jeans with a crop top for a flirty look. Ultra-high-rise jeans will always give off an ‘it-girl’ vibe that transcends decades. This look will always be elevated, and not just because of how high the waist goes. 

  • The ‘Business Casual’ Jeans 

Office wear has changed significantly, especially since the boom of remote work. ‘Business Casual’ 20 years ago means something very different today. Today, jeans can fly in some offices as workwear. 

Here are a few tips for picking appropriate ones:

  • Avoid any rips or tears
  • Opt for a darker wash 
  • Don’t go too tight 
  • Balance with a ‘dressier’ item (such as a button-down)

Every office dress code will be different, but jeans absolutely can be a business-casual clothing item in your style arsenal, just style them correctly. Jeans also look great when paired with a button-up shirt or an oversized blazer and some heels. Lean heavily onto the accessories of the piece to elevate the look. 

  • Denim Maxi-Skirts

The nostalgia for the 1990s and 2000s has brought back denim skirts in a big way, particularly denim maxi skirts. This look was all over 1990s catalogs and, currently, you can find these skirts all over runways, in fashion photoshoots, and being worn as street style by fashionistas in every major city. 

We recommend pairing this look with a fun graphic shirt, clogs, and an oversized bag. Or lean hard into the 1990s and 2000s nostalgia of it all and wear it with a crop top, purse, and some big sneakers. The best way to style a denim maxi-skirt is to lean into the proportions of your outfit, this will compliment the fabric of the skirt and the nostalgia of the style. 

  • Mix Signature Fabrics 

Denim is a signature fabric in that it takes center stage in an outfit instead of fading into the background. Usually we recommend pairing jeans with cotton or linen. But you can also opt for a more severe fabric. We love elevating a simple ‘jeans and a tee-shirt’ look with a leather jacket or a fur jacket (we recommend going faux or vintage for your fur!). 

This adds a bit of edge and personality to any outfit. Complete the look with some bright shoes and piled-on jewelry. Right now we love layering necklaces with different metals to create a hodge-podge look that is extremely chic. 

  • With a Bodysuit 

The ‘off-duty ballerina’ look that had everyone in a frenzy on TikTok is a classic look for a reason. Pairing a bodysuit with some loose jeans, ballet flats, and a big bag is such a chic and classic look. If you’re into the ‘coquette core’ look you can also opt for some cute hair bows to add a splash of playfulness to the outfit. 

Not sure where to find a bodysuit or leotard? A dance supply store, a good clothing outlet, or a boutique will have something that you’ll love. As for the accessories? Take a look in your closet or around the house. There is no reason you can’t make your own hair bows out of ribbon you already have. 

  • With Layered Tights 

Another look that is coming back is the ‘indie sleaze’ aesthetic of the 2010s Tumblr. And while we’d like to leave some things in that era, such as the cakey make-up that ruined skin, we also love the DIY nature of the outfits that were inspired. Think indie band concerts, polaroid photos, and self-made elements for an air of authenticity. 

For this look, we recommend having a pair of ripped jeans—the more ripped the better—and layer some tights underneath. Right now, red tights are all the rage but feel free to go with any color that speaks to you. This is even more fun when the tights have texture. Layer in fishnets, lacey tights, or anything else that speaks to you. Complete this look with some sturdy combat boots and a fitted black top. Keeping the other elements of the outfit neutral will help the ‘pop’ of tights work even better. 

Denim blue jeans are one of the most enduring pieces of clothing in our style lexicon. Denim is so much more than just workwear, casualwear, or just something to throw on. With proper styling, and a little imagination, it can be an important element to a profoundly stylish look. Certain cuts of jeans will go in and out of fashion, but they always circle back around. Having a few sturdy pairs of jeans will always come in handy when looking to get dressed every day. These are just a few ideas, but let your own style dictate exactly what looks you put together. It’ll no doubt be classic and chic.

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