Skincare Secrets From Around the World: Global Beauty Rituals

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Is practicing the proper skincare something you make a top priority every day? If so, you’re not alone. One survey after another has suggested most Americans take their skincare routines seriously.

In fact, one recent survey found the average American spends over $700 each year on their appearance, which includes skincare. It shows how hard many people in this country work to ensure their skin always looks its best.

Americans aren’t the only ones who make it their mission to put great skincare routines into place, either. Those from other countries also make it a point to add skincare to the tops of their to-do lists. Here are a handful of skincare secrets from around the world that showcase some of the global beauty rituals people from different countries put to good use.


Many Americans have started using Korean serums as part of their skincare routines, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to hear that those in Korea have come up with innovative ways to care for their skin. Outside of developing winning skincare products, people in Korea have also mastered a skincare technique known as the double cleanse. It involves cleansing the skin twice to prevent breakouts and other skin blemishes.

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During a double cleanse, people will begin by using an oil-based cleanser to get rid of excess sebum as well as any other oily impurities that might be sitting on the skin’s surface. They’ll then follow this up by using a water-based cleanser to eliminate dirt, sweat, and any residual impurities the oil-based cleanser wasn’t able to attack. This two-pronged approach to skincare has shown to be successful, especially for those who wear makeup regularly.


In America, people pull out bottles of aloe vera gel after spending long days sitting out in the sun. The gel stemming from aloe vera plants can be used to do away with the inflammation that can impact the skin when it’s exposed to the sun for too long. But in Egypt, people have been using aloe vera during their skincare routines since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. They’ve found it can be a miracle worker for anyone who wants to make skin look healthier.

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Modern-day Egyptians have discovered that aloe vera can be utilized as a humectant, which means it’s able to pull moisture from both the air and the deeper levels of the skin to plump up a person’s overall complexion. It can help those dealing with a wide range of skin-related issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin around the eyes.


When it comes to skincare, some people spend almost all their time focusing on what they put on their skin as opposed to what they put into their bodies. But in certain parts of India, people concentrate on the connection between the digestive system and the impact it can have on the skin’s appearance. For example, some people in India swear by drinking a concoction that includes chia seeds, cucumber, ginger, and mint. They claim it can remove toxins from the body and make skin glow like never before.

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If you’re someone who takes care of your skin but still struggles to improve its look, it might be worth exploring the role your digestive system could be playing in this. Incorporating detox teas into your daily life could produce much better results for your skin. There are also other products you can work into your diet to improve your skin’s appearance, such as pure black seed oil that may make your skin look and feel better.


Chile is one of the biggest producers of grapes in the world. About one-third of the land in the country used to grow fruit is devoted to growing grapes, and people in Chile do more than just eat these grapes. They’ve also found ways to work them into their skincare routines. People will take red grapes, in particular, and crush them up before mixing them with flour to create face masks. These face masks are loaded with antioxidants that can treat everything from wrinkles to dark spots on the skin.

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One of the most potent antioxidants found in red grapes from Chile is resveratrol. Studies have shown this antioxidant can play a key part in reversing signs of skin aging. It seems to do this by protecting skin from the sun’s UV rays and helping damaged skin heal and regenerate.


In Sweden, those concerned about their skin will often focus more on ridding their bodies of toxins rather than trying to apply products to their skin to bring it back to life. To accomplish this goal, they’ll spend their fair share of time sweating in saunas. The more they’re able to sweat, the more efficient their bodies are about pushing toxins out and leaving behind clear, healthy-looking skin.

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The success Swedes have enjoyed while using saunas to promote skincare has led to them popping up in many other places throughout the world. It has also led to the development of products like thermal face masks that use heat to help the skin eradicate toxins that can damage it.

Start Using These Skincare Secrets to Your Advantage

Do you wish your skincare routine would leave your skin looking better than it does now? Don’t be afraid to try some or even all the skincare secrets mentioned here. They could work wonders for your skin by exposing it to new treatment methods you may not have considered before.

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